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Visit of Paul Scherrer Institute

After the conference (afternoon of July 10, 2014), there will be an opportunity to visit the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and have a guided tour of the Swiss Light Source and the Swiss X-ray free-electron laser injector facilities.

A transportation by bus from Engelberg to Villigen PSI (at 12:30 right after the conference) will be organized and lunchboxes will be provided.

After the visit from PSI, the participants will be returned to Engelberg. They can be left on the way at Brugg station, from where they can transfer by direct train to Zurich or Zurich airport in about 30 minutes.

Those who wishes to visit PSI are requested to register separately from the conference.

Paul Scherrer Institute

The Paul Scherrer Institute is a centre for multi-disciplinary research and one of the world’s leading user laboratories. With its 1400 employees it belongs as an autonomous institution to the Swiss ETH domain and concentrates its activities on solid-state research and materials sciences, elementary particle physics, energy and environmental research, and biology and medicine.


Swiss Light Source

The Swiss Light Source (SLS) is one of the most advanced 3rd generation synchrotron worldwide.



The next large-scale facility at PSI – the X-ray laser SwissFEL – will come on-line in 2016. It will produce very short pulses of X-ray light, with laser-like properties. Researchers will be able to use these pulses to visualize extremely fast processes, such as how new molecules are created in a chemical reaction; to determine the detailed structure of vital proteins; or to determine the relationship between electronic and atomic structure in materials.


The PSI team is looking forward to your visit !